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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

...the largest money laundering and drug dealing centre in the world is the United States!


By: Gilbert Morris:

Well, here we go again! Let us at least try to read the tea leaves and resist drinking other people’s tea: First, the largest money laundering and drug dealing centre in the world is the United States!

 But who is prepared to risk their Miami privileges to say that? On the regulatory compliance aspects of the report, the US complied with NOTHING in its reports.

In Delaware, Wyoming, Alaska, Colorado, Arizona and Wisconsin, anonymous accounts are permitted. In fact, Delaware lives off of them.

Second, when you are the “big dog” and you are surrounded by incompetent nations, you can hog-slap them for doing what you are doing. But when these weaklings have spent nearly 50 years with no strategy, merely begging the US and Europe, when these pusillanimous nations are festooned with debt and crime, yet tethered to the US economy by tourism: the US then has got your goat! Grin and bear it!

Now let’s do some geopolitics: First, this list is a dragnet. There are nations named toward which nothing will change and others that will feel the wrath of the US in direct and indirect ways.

Second, look at the list of nations: the US itself is on the list, so is Israel and more than 50 other nations.

Third, how will smaller nations feel the US pressure? Did you notice Canada’s name on the list?

That’s now really for Canada. That’s because Canada is the banking powerhouse in the Caribbean Basin.

The US has been pressuring Canada to tighten the screws on Caribbean banking operations. In the case of Bahamas, there is an added dimension, the US concerns about China creates a lynchpin and the US can press its China concerns under the guise of regulatory issues, demanding corporate and financial transparencies unavailable in the US itself!

Fourth, under Mr Trump’s aggressive “America First” approach, this report now sets the ground work for foreign policy specific to each country on the list. What shall we do?

I have warned politicians in this region that when you see this sort of report or initiative, don’t wait for the US to frame you. Go to them first.

Now that we in the Bahamas seem to have hit a wall with the WTO nonsense. Let’s do what i have advised since 2001: instigate and sign a bi-lateral Friendship Treaty with the US, in which all these matters are treated or face one sided US directed rules that demands compliance by threats.

Under a treaty arrangement we get something for everything given up. Under a treaty we can show the economic impact of our financial services on investment in the US; we can explain “generative investment”, pass-through status” and “node building for capital aggregation” all impacting the US economy.

We could leverage transshipment countermeasures for financial services benefits...all under one agreement; whilst neutralising the European Union and the OECD in one move. If we wait, we are just a problem the US must deal with, and that means a fat stick across our backs under threat!

If we don’t hear; we’ll feel!

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