Friday, January 14, 2011

...the real McCoy in today’s blood-drenched Bahamas – Blam/gadjammit!

“…bite and blam…”
Rough Cut,
By Felix F. Bethel
The Bahama Journal

“Today it is the right that amuses itself with violent chat and proclaims an injured innocence when its flammable words blow up…” Jacob Weisberg.

“The officer approached her and [grabbed] her, [yanked] her hair and then the woman (Farah) threw her drink in the officer’s face, and the officer bit her,” Gibson claimed. “You should know the law. If you approach her, you’re supposed to arrest her and carry her. How could you beat her and bite her... what is this? Are we not humans anymore?”

From what I am hearing, some tourists are not coming back to the Bahamas – ever! “They said they’re not coming back here because if this is the way the police treat Bahamians they don’t want to return.”

As some of them are said to have described the police… They’re nasty… [The police] scared us…”

Ho dear what can the matter be…oh dear; ho dear, who cares anymore… and so [and on this note], I wish to remind you that, now that they are done with their pleasantries about a merry Christmas; a happy and prosperous new year and a host of other bull, the nigs and the nig police have returned to their nasty past-times.

And so the hurt continues; and as police beatings make the headlines and [sadly] the same tired-assed politicians are bleating like lambs on the way to the slaughter –with some bleating about national security and others bloviating nonsense galore about majority rule.

In the meantime – as the following news excerpts reveal – the beat continues.

Story number one concerns an event that involved two women, a fight, some biting and fine some face-scratching – and a bevy of shocked tourists.

Here I am told that, “…Tourists and Bahamians looked on in horror as a police officer allegedly beat a woman before hauling her off to jail yesterday in the area just behind the downtown straw market.

Edena Farrah is the name of the woman who was allegedly beaten by an off-duty officer for reasons that are still unknown.

Now note this: “The lady (Farah) was on the scooter with about 12 tourists following her… She stopped and was talking to the tourists, and the police woman, who wasn’t even in uniform, grabbed the woman by her hair and started to beat her…”

And then we have the question: “How could we have policemen in the force like that? The police should not be [acting] like that…”

Thereafter I am told that, some of the tourists on the tour chimed in with color commentary to the effect that, the police who beat the woman was truly nasty.

“They’re nasty… [The police] scared us. We came here; we spent our money and what are they doing? They beat the woman. They’re showing us bad things. They should not do that. It’s scary because you know you have lots of tourists here. They should cut it out. The policemen are a little too aggressive here. Just let them tour... let them serve us. We’re coming here because of the people. Don’t be aggressive here.”

And then there was even more commentary: Referring to the vendors who had served her earlier in the day, the woman added: “These are lovely people. The police should help - not hurt.”

“They’re nasty… [The police] scared us.

Now hear some of what happened ex post facto; and now – for emphasis – and after the nasty facts on the ground, Superintendent Wayne Miller informed media that he could not give details on what happened as the matter was still under investigation.

And as the investigation begins, Miller explained that, “Right now I’m trying to restore calm… We’re going to look at everything that happened then give a report…”

Yeah, Miller, I hear you.

Even now, I wonder if Miller heard what one witness said she saw and thereafter what the newspaper said she said.

Here I am told that, Wendy Nixon, a straw vendor, said she was sickened by what she witnessed.

As I am told she said that, “The police beat her like they wanted to kill her. I’m calling on the chief of police to investigate the officers. They are not officers; they are bullies.”

The plot sickens and thickens: Natasha Farrah said she was told that her sister was punched in the face several times. Several family members gathered yesterday at the Tourism Police Station on Bay Street where Farrah was being held…”

Another sister said police would only say that Edena Farrah was arrested for disorderly conduct.

And then we get another blast of hot opinion: “She’s in there bruised and bloodied. She is not a robber. She is not a thief. And she is not a murderer. Instead of beating her they need to go and do their job…”
Oh dear, [and sadly so] they are doing their jobs!

The only mercy in all that stuff that involved the police woman who they said bit the woman and then and thereafter yanked her hairy head has to do with the fact that there was no blam-gadjammit involved this time around.
Thank God for little mercies.

While this was so here; things were decidedly different there in Tucson, Arizona where as one Jacob Weisberg wisely advises: “…First you rile up psychotics with inflammatory language about tyranny, betrayal, and taking back the country.

“Then you make easy for them to get guns. But if you really want trouble, you should also make it hard for them to get treatment for mental illness.

I don't know if Loughner had health insurance, but he falls into a pool of people who often go uninsured—not young enough to be covered by parents (until the health-care bill's coverage of twenty-somethings kicked in a few months ago), not old enough for Medicare, not poor enough for Medicaid.

“If such a person happens to have a history of mental illness, he will be effectively uninsurable. To get treatment, he actually has to commit a crime. If Republicans succeed in repealing the Obama health care bill, that's how it will remain.

“Again, none of this says that Tea Party caused the Tucson tragedy only that its politics increased the odds of something like it happening.

And as the wise one concludes and as I concur; “…It was in criticizing writers on his own side for their naiveté about communism that George Orwell wrote, "So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don't even know that fire is hot."

Blam/gadjammit in Tucson, Arizona where a gunman armed with a Glock semi-automatic killed so very many people. Ironically, had he made it to the army and thence to the place where killing is condoned, Obama may have had reason enough to call him a hero.

Oh dear…Ho dear!

Sure seems as if contexts do matter when you set about that nasty business of wishing or wanting to kill people.

Here I end as I might not have wished but nonetheless, I have for you some real blam/gadjammit coming from the bloodied eye of that storm coursing its own destructive way through these islands, rocks and cays that belong to so very many foreigners.

The facts are clear and simple enough: A pre-school teacher was shot about the body multiple times with a shotgun by a lone gunman on Sunday night, leaving her school community in a state of shock and her family devastated.

According to police, Denise Adderley, 39, of Chippingham, was at Texaco Service Station on Wulff Road and Kemp Roads when she was shot.

Adderley died on the scene, bringing the murder count up to three for the year.

A man was arrested and a shotgun seized, according to police.

There it is: the real McCoy in today’s blood-drenched Bahamas – Blam/gadjammit!

January 13, 2011

The Bahama Journal