Monday, October 17, 2011

Dominica: Speak! Or forever hold thy peace

by Rebecca Theodore in collaboration with Dr Peter K.B. St Jean on behalf of the Peaceful World Movement

Suddenly, like the violent crash of a bomb-blast, Dominica nationals at home and in the Diaspora are awakened. They were once entrenched in a tradition of conspicuous and ubiquitous peaceful existence, but now it seems that it is no more. The peace and tranquility of that nation has recently become under rapid challenge. Intellectuals, ordinary citizens and scoundrels alike are seeking to preserve her nostalgic status.

Dr Peter K. B St Jean is an internationally recognised criminologist and sociologistThey are finding strength in the vision and agenda of the Peaceful World Movement, created and led by a native son, Chicago based, and internationally recognized criminologist and sociologist, Dr Peter K. B. St Jean.

Concerns about crime and violence need to be addressed systematically and with promising vision before conditions blow out of proportion like sister Caribbean islands. Peace must be implemented as an economic product in Dominica, says Dr St Jean and the Peaceful World Movement.

As the world watches and listens at vicious attacks from politicians, social commentators, criminals, and those in high places, the moral fiber of a people and nation entangles. A peace industry seems to be the only way out for like a breeched birth, strangling on its own umbilical cord, ‘Tall is her body’ is now confined to a restricted growth.

Long term problems are fuelled. Underlying causal factors are rooted in deep social, ideological, economic, cultural, spiritual, political, and psychological influences, but there is denial that a problem of its true magnitude exists.

Prime Minister Skerrit says that the ‘government at present or the foreseeable future cannot afford the rates….’

Yes! Men of power are turning a deafened ear as horn dogs imperil all the land and intellectuals mourn for peace for they see the approaching danger.

Leading social scientist, Dr Peter K. B. St Jean raises the ‘Code Bravo’ throughout the land. A successful crime reduction strategy must address prevention, intervention, and interdiction, he says. An analysis must be conducted to determine the extent to which these three dimensions are engaged in Dominican society, and adjustments must be made accordingly to suit the local demands of everyday life.

He evokes the enlistment of a ‘Peace Czar’ to provide professional guidance and hands-on assistance to the government and people of Dominica so citizens can harmoniously dwell. A peaceful paradigm shift is evident so peace can breed and bloom, for peace is the golden key that opens all doors.

Extreme crime and violence related events are so critical that they demand strategic and immediate responses. If not properly executed, they drastically undermine the success of existing short term, midrange, and long term strategies; yet a prime minister toys with the idea.

Hence, “a peace industry as a sustainable antidote to the problems of crime, violence, delinquency, and their associated troubles,” is the only answer.

And so voices continue to cry out in the dark, for peace is not a sheer cloud-bound dream but a dynamic process of living without or amid seemingly inevitable conflict, tyranny, and hatred. The ‘sinews’ of peace await. A white dove is flying in the wind waiting to take us home under its wings. We can at least give peace a try.

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October 17, 2011