Thursday, February 9, 2012

The fringe political party Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is gravely concerned that the governing Free National Movement (FNM) would allow a presidential visit from Haiti's president, Michel Martelly during a heightened political season ...where general election is on the horizon in The Bahamas

DNA Concerned over Haiti President's Visit

by The Official Democratic National Alliance

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is gravely concerned that the present administration would allow a presidential visit from a foreign country during a heightened political season.

While the DNA believes that Haiti president, Michel Martelly should be welcomed to The Bahamas and it offers an opportunity to strengthen international relations, this was too sensitive of a time to do so.

As to President Martelly’s comments, the DNA find them to be inappropriate, not only because of the political season, but it also seemed to be a shameful political ploy by the Free National Movement to manipulate the process.

DNA leader, Branville McCartney said this unfortunate political tactic is a direct attack on Bahamian democracy, the victims being all Bahamians—those of foreign decent or otherwise, who uphold the ideals of the nation and their right to vote for whichever political party they see fit.

“As the DNA recognizes, moreso now after this disturbing visit, that the country’s leadership is in dire need of reform; we also recognize that Haiti’s president should respect the sovereignty of our democracy,” Mr. McCartney said.

The DNA found President Martelly’s careless use of the word “riot” as inflammatory and to insinuate that Bahamians of Haitian decent are being abused is misleading.

Mr. McCartney noted that The Bahamas has always been accommodating to our Haitian neighbours, so when he speaks of forming a pact, he should have been mindful that all voters are Bahamian. In other words, if one is eligible to vote, their vote should reflect Bahamian interests and not that of another country.

“Haiti’s president has a mammoth task of redeveloping his country and that does not begin in The Bahamas,” he said.

9 February 2012

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