Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Cane Toad is on the move in The Bahamas

The Cane Toad moves from Lyfordcay to Mount Pleasant Village

By Dennis Dames
Nassau, The Bahamas

The Cane Toad, Mount Pleasant Village
It’s on the move, and no one knows for certain the extent of the Cane Toad’s invasion on New Providence Island.  Recent news reports say that the exotic creature was confined to Lyfordcay. 

We know different now.  On Tuesday September 10, 2013 – a Cane Toad was found to be in the Mount Pleasant Village community.  The Lyfordcay police was notified, and action was taken to eliminate the venomous toad.  The Cane Toad undertakers quietly took the remains away.

The question now is:  Where will we find the next Cane Toad on our island?

According to Wikipedia, the cane toad has poison glands, and the tadpoles are highly toxic to most animals if ingested. Because of its voracious appetite, the cane toad has been introduced to many regions of the Pacific and the Caribbean islands as a method of agricultural pest control. The species derives its common name from its use against the cane beetle (Dermolepida albohirtum). The cane toad is now considered a pest and an invasive species in many of its introduced regions; of particular concern is its toxic skin, which kills many animals—native predators and otherwise—when ingested.

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