Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Donald Sterling of the Los Angeles Clippers, his low-life girlfriend; V. Stiviano and America's racial obsession

By Dennis Dames:

The much talk about firestorm between Mr. Donald Sterling; the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, his low-life girlfriend; V. Stiviano and the NBA Commissioner; Adam Silver is indeed far from over.  Firstly, I am not impressed, nor do I approve of the fact that a personal conversation between Sterling and Stiviano has entered the public domain, and which has resulted in Mr. Sterling being banned for life among other penalties - from NBA games by commissioner Silver.

This whole episode sets a bad precedent in my opinion, as many gold-diggers will now follow Stiviano’s gold-digging pursuit, by recording and publically distributing private and salacious conversations between them and their sugar-daddies for personal gains.  I believe that Stiviano will live to regret such a move; and she will end up a piece of unwanted trash in short order.  She has started a devious hunt that she will eventually discover is way above her head and intelligence.

Ms. Stiviano is a bad and wicked woman of many aliases – in my opinion.  Her days as a wannabe rich glamour girl is coming to a rapid end, as Mr. Sterling’s estranged wife has thrown the first punch by suing her for all the things that her separated husband has bought her; as she claims that they were purchased with the family’s funds.  The blow was thrown before the evilly recorded and distributed conversation.

I shall wrap-up for now, but will deal with this subject again as things get muddier and dirtier on this subject.  I will opine about the HIV confessor; Mr. Magic Johnson, and Mr. Cheap man and low-tipper; Michael Jordan at the appropriate time; also Mr. unpresidential Barak Obama, who seems unable to resist wagging his half white –half black tongue in racial fires in his country; even if he is dead wrong.