Wednesday, May 17, 2017



 By Gilbert Morris:

Professor Gilbert Morris

Pundits, Democrats and drunkards have been predicting Trump's election loss, his criminal indictment and his impeachment since he launched his fatiguing indefatigable campaign and assault on the American presidency.
They will be proven wrong!

Let's get at the FACTS:

Mr. Trump and his cohorts enjoyed an unusual degree of coziness with the Russian security establishment, as that establishment hacked into US campaigns and passed information to Wikileaks.

Wikileaks distributed that information just in time to influence an electorate that already regarded Mrs Clinton somewhat askance.

Then come Comey bearing letters and his soul, tiefing up Mrs Clinton's last bit of credibility, and this and the Russians and Wikileaks all occurring just in time to blunt or even soften Mr Trump's crotch-grabbing boasts.

So we accept that the Russians through Wikileaks's, together with Comey impacted American voter perception just before an American election;
AND: Trump's people were canoodling with the Russians the entire time!
AND: Trump's people lied about that canoodling.

Again comes Comey, investigating the affair, forcing General Flynn, The US Attorney General, hosts of Trumpian lackeys and his son-in-law to admit, that they were part of the "Stolichnaya Breakfast Club"!

Trump - who has not been told no since he was four years old - accosted Comey, and begged of him, "Let Flynn go...!"

Is that Obstruction of Justice?

Mmmmmmmm, depends...

It requires a set of compelling circumstances:

So, Flynn gets fired.

Comey announces investigation.

Trump and his people denounce the investigation publicly. Gets the House Intelligence Chairman to call media houses to counteract Comey's claims.

Trump calls Comey, asks am I going to jail?

Trump meets Comey and says repeat John 3:16, but replace the "only begotten son" with Trump!

Trump invites Comey for dinner, says you want to stay at FBI?

Trump says drop this investigation!


It's abuse of power, obstruction even bribery.

What it lacks is a systematic scheme to frustrate the interests of justice and it is so disorganized that it is hardly a crime.