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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Cannibals in the Church of the Bahamas

Are Cannibals in the Church of the Bahamas?

By Huedley Moss:

During the 40s and 50s a reporter asked Mahatma Ghandhi his view on Christianity. He responded, I know of Jesus, but Christians are so unlike Jesus Christ!

Right he is. It seems, the Bible and Jesus as the head of church is inappropriate with all of its examples for us to learn from and follow; is no longer the golden standard for Christian stewardship!

Let’s faced it. Of the more than 9 billion people who have lived and living on earth, not one of us were perfect and without flaws! Not Noah, Abraham, Moses, Job, Daniel Peter and Paul! Jesus Christ is our example!

If we modeled our lives after Mortals, we will most certainly not accomplish our primary goal, of entering His Kingdom!

So why are contemporary Christians cannibalizing each other in Satan’s Arena?

Samuel, David, Elijah, Nehemiah, Paul and Jesus never destroy a flawed brother publicly!

They never used Fleshly works to attack a brother! Cuz they realized we are all mortal corruptible beings!

Naturally Jesus Christ is the Only exception!

What we have seen on social media with one person claiming to be God’s Oracle viciously attacking the well loved Singing Bishop in a setting chaired by Satan himself, is the most outrageous attack I have ever seen one mortal Inflicted on another! To God be the Glory.