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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Our United War on the Coronavirus

Dear friends and family around the World:

It is now certain that we are at the early start of an extraordinary pandemic of the new corona virus 19 - with at least two mutations: S being the original and L being the later one - which is much more fatal than the original.

In this period of great uncertainty none of us knows how future events will turn out - other than knowing that dealing with the virus is not a sprint but a long marathon that is to last probably at least two years.

We have to make a joint combined effort to overcome this global challenge, and each of us has much to contribute in the positive; even though such things may seem minor they will become monumental if done by as many of us as possible.

We are facing a war like scenario to combat, contain and become immune to this new virus. In the emergency situations our institutions will be put under unprecedented stress tests.

Like in any turmoil, some individuals will try to disregard our institutional framework and misuse the fog of first major biological war for their selfish aims.

Irrespective of the country you may be in, I appeal to you to preserve a social order and the type of constitutional democracy you live under.

Every challenge is also a great opportunity to make an historical contribution to a better society, and to be remembered for the positive and heroic deeds we are all capable of.

Both stability and progress toward a better society are essential.  Our joint efforts will greatly contribute to our humanity's survival - as we emerge in a better, healthier and more prosperous World for us and the future generations.

I wish you my very best, and remember that tough times do not last - but tough people do.

As challenging as it may seem, let’s unify the World to pursue greater and more ambitious goals then ever before.

Victor Kozeny