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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Do Not Exclude Cuba from the Summit of the Americas

Cuba denounces U.S. government exclusion of Cuba from preparations for Ninth Summit of the Americas

Excerpts from statement to the press by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla

Summit of the Americas

I am obliged to denounce the fact that the U.S. government has decided to exclude the Republic of Cuba from preparations for the Ninth Summit of the Americas set to take place in Los Angeles, June 8-10; and is currently exerting extreme pressure on numerous governments in the region that have privately and respectfully opposed this exclusion.

The U.S. government is misleading the public and governments of the hemisphere by saying that it has not yet made decisions regarding invitations.

I respectfully urge Secretary of State (Anthony) Blinken to say honestly whether or not Cuba will be invited to the Ninth Summit of the Americas.

A central axis, according to preparations for the event, will be health.  And I must inform our people and international public opinion that there are currently negotiations underway, conducted in an unclear manner, with quite a few neoliberal elements, and many shortcomings, in relation to the real needs of the peoples regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the structural causes of precarious health systems that have led to tragic consequences and caused an extremely high number of deaths in our hemisphere, including the United States of America, and have avoided substantial cooperation and basic financing to address these consequences, and are now negotiating in an opaque manner a so-called Health and Resilience Action Plan for the Americas through the year 2030.

I must note that these negotiations are being held, in an obscure manner, with the exclusion of Cuba and other member states of the Pan American Health Organization, which are participating in these processes, in violation of their own mandates.

Cuba has always, in a modest but altruistic and persistent fashion, provided the possibility for international cooperation in health, which has been recognized worldwide.

There are Latin American vaccines against COVID-19 which are Cuban. The medical brigades that responded to the COVID emergency in the region, in the hemisphere in more than 50 countries on the planet, have been Cuban.

It would be convenient to take into account during this process, and benefit our peoples, Cuban medical presence in confronting natural disasters and epidemics in the past, the provision of tens of thousands of medical scholarships for low-income Latin American, Caribbean and United States youth, the existence of the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, Operation Miracle that returned the sight of millions of low-income persons, Cuba's ability to establish cooperation, transfer state-of-the-art technology, provide pharmaceutical products, vaccines and novel treatments, the ability to share advanced protocols and medicines in the field of health…

Another central axis of the Summit, from which Cuba is intended to be excluded, is emigration.  A document with a long title: Letter of Understanding on Migration Management and Protection of Migrants is also being negotiated behind the back of international, US, Latin American and Canadian public opinion.  It is a code that seeks to force Latin American and Caribbean States to repress migration, to absorb the migrants that the United States decides to process outside its territory, which incorporates elements of the racist, xenophobic and plundering U.S. vision of our migrants.  It does not address in any way the real causes of migration, but it does, however, offer palliatives, stimuli, financing and economic incentives to countries that send migrants to the U.S. and are closer to its borders, to attenuate this process.

With Cuba, however, his recipe is the extreme tightening of the blockade, causing deprivation to Cuban families, the application of Undersecretary Mallory's stark memorandum: "depressing wages, causing hunger, despair and the overthrow of the Government," is the American prescription in relation to Cuba…
The exclusion of Cuba from the Ninth Summit of the Americas would constitute a serious historical setback in relation to the two previous editions.  In Panama, in 2015, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz led the delegation from our island which participated on equal footing, and raised his firm, dissenting voice, but always serene, respectful and constructive…

A third axis of the Summit of the Americas is that of democracy and human rights.  In the obscure negotiations taking place today, the intention is to establish the Organization of American States to certify all elections in the region.  This is the same OAS of the coup in Bolivia, and the intention of the United States, historically responsible for coups in our region, and also responsible for the coups in recent decades against progressive governments.

How can a Summit take place, centered on democracy, having excluded, at the arbitrary whim of the host, certain countries of Latin America and the Caribbean?  Can anyone think of something more undemocratic?
The U.S. has no moral authority to set itself up as a model in this matter or to criticize others…

The Ninth Summit of the Americas could still be an opportunity if, in an inclusive manner and on equal terms for all countries, it debated, without exclusions and with sincere commitment, the most pressing problems that affect the continent.

Cuba supports the genuine efforts to promote dialogue, links and cooperation between Our America, the America of Bolivar and Martí, and the United States, between the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States and the United States government…

Cuba, which firmly defends the unity within the diversity of Our America, today expresses our profound gratitude to the peoples and governments that maintain a courageous, dignified, solidary position, demanding of the U.S. government that Cuba not be excluded from the Ninth Summit of the Americas.


Thursday, April 7, 2022

The Property Value Explosion Issue in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean

It was likely that property prices in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean would shoot upwards...


By Professor Gilbert Morris

Gilbert Morris - Professor
Canada is an attractive place….with excellent systems, infrastructure, commercial and service clusters: this attractiveness is confirmed by a blistering property market that rivals Turks and Caicos and Tokyo.

The result of this property value explosion - like Turks and Caicos islands - Canadian locals are being priced out of their cities and country. I myself, have raised this spectre and I warned at March 2020, that an impact of:

1. Covid 19
2. The 100 million North American retirees over the next 20 years

It was likely that property prices in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean would shoot upwards. I explained that the two drivers - one an event driven demand and the other a demographic driven demand - cross-pollinated into a sustainable economic force, likely to run for at least two decades. Neither the Caribbean nor Mexico are prepared for this influx or uptick. And Canada’s attempt to limit property purchasers shows they are woefully unready.

The full details of what’s wrong and how to put it right can’t be shown here.
a. Limiting purchasers will fail because it does not move at the speed of the markets = and could have the reverse effect of generating even higher prices - and so a lottery dynamic for the designated properties
b. This would result in “overspill” in price appreciation to properties not included in Trudeau’s selections, still pricing citizens out of their country
c. Any solution must move at the speed of the market by absorbing the appreciation in price and value into a mechanism for the benefit of the citizen, rather than fighting price appreciation pointlessly
d. The best mechanism for this is to place designated properties into a Sovereign REIT, of which all citizens are members, then allow those lands to gain and move by the same open market momentum

This means the government would not have to offset the price appreciation - or introduce redistributive programmes as citizens would benefit from market driven organic momentum!


Friday, April 1, 2022

Bahamas Deputy Prime Minister, Chester Cooper Calls for the Legal Age of Consent in The Bahamas to be Increased to 18 years of age

Bahamian Deputy Prime Minister - Chester Cooper:  I am also for eliminating any ambiguity in the law with regard to teenage minors consenting to sex with adults - once again, they cannot.

Chester Cooper, DPM - The Bahamas
Public discourse can be rocky, but it can often bring about change.

The current discussion about the age of consent should be followed by action on the part of lawmakers.

I have previously called for the legal age of consent to be increased to 18 years of age, and I stand by that today.

This will further protect minors and make clear that children who cannot drink alcohol, join law enforcement, open a bank account, stand before a court as an an adult or vote, for example, cannot reasonably consent to sex with an adult.

Any law that suggests otherwise is out of step with what the vast majority of those whom the law is supposed to serve believe.

I am also for eliminating any ambiguity in the law with regard to teenage minors consenting to sex with adults - once again, they cannot.

Laws must change as the values of society evolve and mature.

Cabinet is considering measures to bring about these changes and they are long overdue.

- Chester Cooper, your DPM and MP

Monday, March 28, 2022

Will Smith’s action lacked an “objective correlative”, an emotional reaction proportional to that which induced it


By Professor Gilbert Morris

Will Smith assaults Chris Rock
TS Eliot spoke of an “objective correlative”, an emotional reaction proportional to that which induced it. Eliot thought Hamlet’s response to his situation lacked an objective correlative.
Will Smith’s action lacked the same: the impulse to defend honour implies there is honour to induce its defence.
Mrs. Jada Smith’s behaviour even her recent illness does not imply a defensible honour in the manner of Mr. Smith’s undertaking.
This is especially true when one considers that Mr. Smith knew already that he would have the mike and an adoring global audience and could have humiliated Mr. Rock by mere explaining that Mrs. Smith was in fact unwell!
Rock would have poured on apologies and the vindication would have been proportional.
What would have impelled Rock to joke about Jada? Well, he’s a comedian and everyone is game. Second, he and Will are friends: could he have been intending to defend his friend?
I have no interest in this situation, expect it’s an opportunity to discuss a foundational moral point concerning emotional proportionality in the vortex of human behaviour that justifies it.

Consider: Had 50 Cent or Shaq made that joke, would Will have risen from his seat?
There is an internal calculus when nice boys contemplate violence. It occurs in seconds, a sort of “sizing up”. In Will’s calculus Rock was vulnerable and essentially defenceless.
That is what’s pernicious!
So, what actually drive Mr. Smith?

Well, who knows abundantly?
One surmises that he didn’t defend Mrs. Smith at all: he defended himself and perhaps his children watching with the need to witness an alignment of familial loyalty; which is to say, a defence of their mother by their father.
The hear is strange and estranging. One understands defending a devoted wife, friend and companion, but first she must be a devoted wife friend and companion.

Monday, March 21, 2022

U.S. Imperialism Keeps The Fire Burning

U.S. imperialism adds fuel to the fire, but from afar

Economic, commercial and financial sanctions, as a means to exert pressure on a country, do not solve the current crisis, but rather add fuel to the fire and aggravate the international economic situation

By  |

Economic, commercial and financial sanctions keep the fire alive
Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee First Secretary and President of the Republic cited three elements that are sustaining and aggravating the world’s current difficulties, during his closing remarks at the Ministry of Culture’s annual review for the year 2021, held at José Martí National Library.

The tightened United States’ economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba; the aggressiveness of the United States internationally; and the uncertainty created by covid-19 were the three issues impacting the current situation he emphasized.

With regard to the blockade, the President said that we are now experiencing a different moment, a particular feature of recent years, "Things began to get very complicated in the second half of 2019, when the Trump administration adopted more than 240 measures that cut off our sources of financing.  They placed us on their list of countries that allegedly support terrorism.  And all this has been maintained under Joe Biden's administration," he explained.

The blockade, he recalled, has caused shortages, financial persecution, persecution of fuel suppliers, in particular, and to this was added the even greater aggressiveness of the U.S. government against Cuba, with a broad media campaign demonizing our country, in an attempt to discredit all elements of the Cuban Revolution, seeking to construct the appearance of total failure, that everything is wrong and everything the country does to mitigate current conditions does nothing to solve the problems, he stated.

The President pointed out that this aggressiveness can be seen in the way the events of July 11 were addressed and the way a play was staged, announcing to the world that on November 15 the Cuban Revolution would collapse, and now they are attempting to distort Cuba's position with respect to the current events in Europe.  This imperialist hostility is not only directed toward Cuba; it is evident at a global level, he noted.

He called for reflection on the fact that we live in a world that needs peace more than ever, at a time when more than twenty countries have not yet been able to vaccinate even 10% of their populations and do not know when they will be able to do so, reminding those present that only 61% of the population worldwide has been fully vaccinated.  We know, he said, that until the planet’s population is immunized, the pandemic will continue.

It is never the time to be starting wars, the President said, adding, "They have mounted this aggressive media campaign, attempting to distort the essences.  I understand very well that our people are following the current military conflict in Europe and the regrettable loss of human lives, in addition to the material damage and the general threat to peace and regional and international security, but Cuba has expressed itself clearly, firmly and repeatedly, in strict adherence to our foreign policy that is based on the principles of the Revolution, with careful and rigorous analysis of the facts from all angles," he said.

And this is a serious matter, of extreme complexity, with historical roots, including those of recent history, which cannot be ignored, just as the conditions that have led to this situation cannot be ignored, he said.  "Cuba firmly and consistently defends international law, the United Nations Charter and the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a zone of peace," he reaffirmed, assuring that, "We defend peace under all circumstances and unambiguously oppose the use of force against any state."

As a small country we understand this better than anyone, besieged for more than 60 years.  Under constant threat, we have suffered state terrorism, military aggression, biological warfare and a brutal blockade, and we are absolutely clear about the value of the principles of international law that serve as protection against unilateralism, imperialism, hegemonic policies and attempts to dominate developing countries.  These are principles and norms that we have defended firmly and consistently in all scenarios.  On this occasion, we have denounced political manipulation and double standards, and we have spoken the truth, he said.

An offensive military encirclement has been established around Russia, he said, condemning the fact that, for decades, the U.S. government has progressively expanded its hegemony and military presence in the region, with the continued expansion of NATO in Eastern European countries, ignoring commitments made by U.S., European and Soviet leaders in the 1990s, after the unification of Germany and the disintegration of the USSR, he recalled.

This conflict could have been avoided if the Russian Federation's well-founded demands for security guarantee had been seriously and respectfully addressed, he said.

Díaz-Canel noted, "To think that Russia should remain passive in the face of NATO's offensive military encirclement is irresponsible, to say the least.  They have taken that country to an extreme situation," he said, pointing out that the continued use of economic, commercial and financial sanctions as a means to exert pressure on a country, does not solve the current crisis, but rather adds fuel to the fire and aggravates the international economic situation, which has been severely affected by these two difficult years of pandemic, he added.

U.S. imperialism is adding fuel to the fire, he said, but from afar, using European countries as its backyard.  Cuba has made this point regularly in different international events, he stated, and recalled the speech delivered by Army General Raúl Castro, on February 22, 2014, in which he emphatically addressed this issue.

As we have reiterated, we will continue to advocate for a serious and constructive diplomatic solution to the current crisis in Europe, advocating peaceful means that guarantee the security and sovereignty of all, as well as regional and international peace, stability and security, he stated.  Cuba has been obliged to confront the pandemic under the brutal economic, commercial and financial U.S. blockade, which has been qualitatively escalated since 2019 to an even more damaging level, he noted.

We will have the opportunity to review these highly sensitive issues in greater depth and trust that the people will continue to keep an eye on these events and make the effort required to distinguish truth from manipulation, he stated.


Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Group of Financial Services Regulators (GFSR) of The Bahamas direct all financial institutions to review dealings with Russians, Belarusians, and Russian and Belarusian entities

Statement from The Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Ongoing Review of the Invasion of Ukraine

Honourable Fred Mitchell
Pursuant to our ongoing review of the situation in Ukraine and consultations with our CARICOM partners, The Bahamas Foreign Ministry advises the public of recent orders from the regulators of the Financial Services Sector and the Attorney General as follow:
Pursuant to our Treaty Obligations under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, we have shared these directives with our Caricom partners. The conversation continues with them.
Foreign Ministers of Caricom have been charged by the Heads of Government to continue an active review of these matters and keep the heads advised.

The measures by the Group of Financial Services Regulators (GFSR) of The Bahamas direct all financial institutions to review dealings with Russians, Belarusians, and Russian and Belarusian entities on the prescribed schedule and report back to the Attorney General. The Financial Regulators have advised all financial institutions not to engage in dealings with Russians, Russian entities, Belarusian and Belarusian entities who are subject to international sanctions.

The directive from the Central Bank, the Securities Commission, the Insurance Commission and the Gaming Board issued on 13 March 2022 reads in part: "Regulated entities should apply the highest level of risk management controls to deter the potential for any misuse of the Bahamian financial system in the current global environment and indeed, every circumstance.
"For the purposes of this directive, sanctions include those issued by the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, the European Union and any other jurisdiction which the Group of Financial Service Regulators may specify from time to time."

This is an evolving story and remains under active review.

Friday, March 4, 2022

The US, the EU, the drowsy politicians, and the media are plunging us into a cesspool of hatred towards Russia as a nation


Russophobia has been going on since Russia opted for communism
In the wake of the war between Russia and Ukraine, an ice cream shop in the city of Cordoba in Argentina banned Russian cream from its ice cream menu.

And this seems like a joke, it's not.

It's the supreme idiocy cooked from the "media" and feeding so many guiles.

"You have to hate Russia, with no mercy, no compassion."

In December 1941, after the Japanese Navy's attack on Pearl Harbor (Hawaii) - a tsunami of hate was unleashed against all Japanese citizens residing in the US.

Humiliated, spat on and trampled on - they were taken to concentration camps in the desert - for the "crime" of being born in Japan, being children of Japanese, or looking Japanese. And they were just hard-working immigrants.

You know how hardworking and polite the Japanese are.

But in those years of war, when these thousands of people were in concentration camps on American soil for having "eyes sharp" - no one asked; "What are we doing...? "

You got to hate for hating.

Russophobia is not new in Europe. It's been around for hundreds of years. And in the US, Russophobia has been going on since Russia opted for communism at the beginning of the last century.

Napoleon, once, with an invincible army - attempted to destroy the Tsar Empire. He was defeated, and in his failure, set Moscow on fire.

Hitler said that the Russians were a people of slaves; sub-humans - who had to be annihilated and invaded. Russia, with an invincible army of millions of soldiers, including hundreds of thousands of nazis Ukrainians who were infinitely more cruel and bloody than the SS themselves... defeated Hitler's Army.

The war in Ukraine is 8 years old. There are 14,000 women, children and men killed by the Ukrainian Army in the separatist provinces. No servile and tracker "journalist" ever told you about those 14 thousand human beings that are no longer here.

Yeah, they keep lying to you. Never like today so many lies are exposed at the hours of being cackled by the media. Today, in a kind of "war tourism", hundreds of stray journalists are in Europe "covering" the war.

What did they go for if they all repeat the NATO report? And they even show you the same images, over and over again.

From so much media hammering, there's no shortage of the dumbass who owns an ice cream parlor and decides not to sell more Russian cream ice cream - because he was gripped by a terrible hatred of Russia.

The US, the EU, the drowsy politicians, and the media are plunging us into a cesspool of hatred towards Russia as a nation.

And it's dangerous, there won't be a duck of Russophobes who will give a beating to some young man for having been born in Russia - and living in this so good, innocent and Christian West.

The Russian people are like any people in the world - with their dreams, frustrations, and hopes. Thousands of Russians are in the streets today calling for an end to the war. Hundreds of them have been arrested for protesting.

Russians are neither aliens nor predators... Even if the media tells you yes, and celebrate like crazy every minute sanctions are imposed against the Russian people. Sanctions that are contrary to sanity and common sense.

The US even banned the release of "Batman" in Russia. "Holy robin bell tower!" We will not be able to perform in Moscow!"

(This Thursday 3rd is the Mudial Premiere of the last Batman Film, except in Russia)

Meanwhile from the media, Russophobia is encouraged every minute - like a Sunday sermon. I wonder; "In the not too distant future - if we will have to clandestinely buy the novels by Dostoyevsky, Tolsti, Chejov, Solzhenitsyn, Gorki, etc, etc...? "

"Are they going to ban the Russian salad...?" "If in doubt, I advise you to prepare it only when you have guests of your most absolute trust."

And lastly, even if I'm accused of being pro-Russian; I'll give you the ingredients for the Russian cream:

*5 eggs (only the yolks)
* 100 grams of whipped cream.
*8 tablespoons of condensed milk.
*1 tablespoon of cornstarch.
*1 tablespoon of lemon zest.
*1/2 cup chopped walnuts.

I'm not going to tell you how to prepare the Russian cream. I have a cat to look after. Who gone feed it if something happen to me....