Monday, February 15, 2010

Mission Possible: Restore Haiti

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados -- On February 14th (Valentine’s Day), the day the world typically spends pouring billions of dollars into merchants’ coffers in an effort to show how much they love a single individual in their lives; on that day of love, a Heart Mission of a different scale has sprung forth in the Caribbean islands.

The goal? To harness the unconditional love for Haiti residing in the Hearts of Caribbean people all across the globe, for a unified, long-term effort to RESTORE the Security, Dignity and Hope of the Haitian people.

The Water Of Life Inc., a Christian Health and Wellness company in Barbados, was preparing to introduce a new health-enhancing bottled water product to the Caribbean, when the 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti. So devastating was the impact upon Haiti, the management of The Water Of Life felt that it would not be appropriate to continue with their product launch as though nothing had happened. The company therefore resolved to embrace the biblical principle of Luke 6:38, using its new bottled water product as the cornerstone of a Caribbean-led, 7-year, global fundraising and restoration campaign for Haiti, dubbed The Caribbean Loves Haiti Restoration Campaign.

According to Peter Parris, Public Relations Consultant for The Water Of Life, “The company has made a firm commitment to donate 7 to 70% of the proceeds from all sales of its bottled water in the Caribbean to the Haiti Restoration Campaign Fund and urges other Caribbean businesses to follow suit, by joining the campaign and making their own commitment to donate a percentage of their sales to the campaign fund.”

To financially support the campaign, individuals and businesses alike simply purchase one or more bottles of the Water Of Life, the company’s bottled water brand. The larger the volume of bottled water each individual or business purchases, the larger the percentage of the sale the company will donate to the Campaign Fund, with 1 to 6 bottles purchased resulting in a 7% donation to the fund on the low end, while a 7000 bottle purchase or higher, will result in the maximum 70% donation to the campaign fund.

The new bottled water is said to be different from any other bottled water currently retailed in the Caribbean, being alkaline rather than neutral or acidic, being composed of much smaller water molecule clusters for optimal body hydration at the cellular level and being very rich in axtioxidants which neutralize the free radicals in the body that damage healthy cells. Those three qualities of this new bottled water, combine to promote significant health enhancement, which is the inspiration for the brand name “The Water Of Life”, taken from the book of Revelation.

A dedicated social networking site has been developed as the official campaign website, allowing the people of the Caribbean and friends of the region the world over, to register as official supporters of the campaign, whether that is as “Financial” supporters (preferred), or as “Moral” supporters, which requires no purchase. The website address is

David Clarke, Marketing Manager for The Water Of Life, revealed that, “… the campaign was developed as a multifaceted and individual-centric campaign, with lots of opportunities for the general public to get involved in a meaningful way, to help drive awareness of the campaign and encourage everyone to get on board as an individual or business supporter of the campaign.”

The campaign encompasses plans for a live concert recording of Caribbean artistes and a DVD documentary chronicling the development of the campaign and its various sub-projects.

Unemployed Caribbean citizens can also earn an income by becoming Official Campaign Canvassers, going around to corporate offices and homes to solicit financial support for the campaign via the purchase of the Water Of Life brand of bottled water.

According to Clarke, “The company’s bottled water product is currently only available for purchase in Barbados, but the company is actively pursuing strategic partnerships with entrepreneurs in 23 Caribbean countries, with a view to having its scientifically advanced bottled water produced and available for purchase in all 24 Caribbean countries by yearend.”

February 15, 2010