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Friday, December 10, 2021

45 Percent of Prime Working Age Women (ages 18-44) will be Single by 2030 - the Largest Share in History


By: Professor Gilbert Morris

The Rising Population of Single Working Women in the US
One must approach these subject matters with some intellectual discipline. What this data is…is not an attack on women. Second, it does not equate singleness with loneliness…because that’s silly.
This is a demographic and sociological problem at scale, which we see in dying villages in Japan (owing to ageing) and in China and India (owing to high concentrations of males).
Econometric analysis says a 17% demographic distribution in age or gender in a civilization, is a downward slope to toward extinction.

The difference in demographics in youth, because it posits potential, which neither age nor gender properness.
Therefore, this is not some happy notion of a gigantic global “girls night out”. This is a premonition of misery.
That is not because these data suggests conventional marriage. But rather, the social formations in which gender distributions ebbs beyond 17% comparatively, also points to shrinking capacity, creativity and resources.
This is why this study has been carried out by a bank. Because projecting an economic future, they can forecast the social entropy, dislocation and systems failures already emerging from this phenomenon.