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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Serious Concerns about Chronic Absenteeism in Virtual Learning Classes in The Bahamas Public School System

A suggestion on Online Education - to the Minister of Education, The Bahamas

From: Linda P. Virgil

Online Education Bahamas
I have read your reports, and note your concern for the students in your care.

As a former educator, I am saddened about events regarding children who are missing hours of school due to the crisis we are facing; clearly these children are disadvantaged - and will pay dearly later on.

It is our belief that there is a problem that is causing the non attendance or non appearance on virtual of many of the children.

My daughter Melissa and I believe that they do not have access to WiFi, and many do not have electricity.
This may be the root cause of children not attending Virtual School.

My daughter Melissa, a graduate from the great - one and only Queens College, made these suggestions which I thought were spot on and I felt should be shared with you as Minister of Education.

Melissa worked at Cable Bahamas as the Marketing Manager until last year.

I told her I would share with you as it may be the answer to all of our problems - for you, this country and our children:

1) have the Cable Companies, BTC and Cable Bahamas donate WIFI to the Communities. This WIFI would be locked and accessible with a code; or placed these WIFIs at Community Parks for access by our children and adults.

Schooling can continue with supervision, and with the help of Community policing and teachers.

2) Crowding in the classrooms is a problem. Alleviate this by having Businesses donate tents by grades - for each Public School; so that schooling can continue with supervision.

Again, you can stagger the days accordingly.

The Community WiFi will assist with outdoor schooling, and also for those who are not present - due to the alternate days. They too can continue schooling.

We feel that businesses can contribute greatly to these efforts. Perhaps the Government can give businesses which take part in this project incentives.

I ask (1) request - and that is to let the record reflect that these ideas are Melissa’s
Name : Melissa (Baker Virgil) Colebrook (Mrs).

I am thankful that as a citizen and a new mother, she is still conscious and kindhearted to think about those among us who are experiencing difficulties during these trying and unprecedented times.

Have a great day safely.
Linda P. Virgil