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Friday, March 4, 2022

The US, the EU, the drowsy politicians, and the media are plunging us into a cesspool of hatred towards Russia as a nation


Russophobia has been going on since Russia opted for communism
In the wake of the war between Russia and Ukraine, an ice cream shop in the city of Cordoba in Argentina banned Russian cream from its ice cream menu.

And this seems like a joke, it's not.

It's the supreme idiocy cooked from the "media" and feeding so many guiles.

"You have to hate Russia, with no mercy, no compassion."

In December 1941, after the Japanese Navy's attack on Pearl Harbor (Hawaii) - a tsunami of hate was unleashed against all Japanese citizens residing in the US.

Humiliated, spat on and trampled on - they were taken to concentration camps in the desert - for the "crime" of being born in Japan, being children of Japanese, or looking Japanese. And they were just hard-working immigrants.

You know how hardworking and polite the Japanese are.

But in those years of war, when these thousands of people were in concentration camps on American soil for having "eyes sharp" - no one asked; "What are we doing...? "

You got to hate for hating.

Russophobia is not new in Europe. It's been around for hundreds of years. And in the US, Russophobia has been going on since Russia opted for communism at the beginning of the last century.

Napoleon, once, with an invincible army - attempted to destroy the Tsar Empire. He was defeated, and in his failure, set Moscow on fire.

Hitler said that the Russians were a people of slaves; sub-humans - who had to be annihilated and invaded. Russia, with an invincible army of millions of soldiers, including hundreds of thousands of nazis Ukrainians who were infinitely more cruel and bloody than the SS themselves... defeated Hitler's Army.

The war in Ukraine is 8 years old. There are 14,000 women, children and men killed by the Ukrainian Army in the separatist provinces. No servile and tracker "journalist" ever told you about those 14 thousand human beings that are no longer here.

Yeah, they keep lying to you. Never like today so many lies are exposed at the hours of being cackled by the media. Today, in a kind of "war tourism", hundreds of stray journalists are in Europe "covering" the war.

What did they go for if they all repeat the NATO report? And they even show you the same images, over and over again.

From so much media hammering, there's no shortage of the dumbass who owns an ice cream parlor and decides not to sell more Russian cream ice cream - because he was gripped by a terrible hatred of Russia.

The US, the EU, the drowsy politicians, and the media are plunging us into a cesspool of hatred towards Russia as a nation.

And it's dangerous, there won't be a duck of Russophobes who will give a beating to some young man for having been born in Russia - and living in this so good, innocent and Christian West.

The Russian people are like any people in the world - with their dreams, frustrations, and hopes. Thousands of Russians are in the streets today calling for an end to the war. Hundreds of them have been arrested for protesting.

Russians are neither aliens nor predators... Even if the media tells you yes, and celebrate like crazy every minute sanctions are imposed against the Russian people. Sanctions that are contrary to sanity and common sense.

The US even banned the release of "Batman" in Russia. "Holy robin bell tower!" We will not be able to perform in Moscow!"

(This Thursday 3rd is the Mudial Premiere of the last Batman Film, except in Russia)

Meanwhile from the media, Russophobia is encouraged every minute - like a Sunday sermon. I wonder; "In the not too distant future - if we will have to clandestinely buy the novels by Dostoyevsky, Tolsti, Chejov, Solzhenitsyn, Gorki, etc, etc...? "

"Are they going to ban the Russian salad...?" "If in doubt, I advise you to prepare it only when you have guests of your most absolute trust."

And lastly, even if I'm accused of being pro-Russian; I'll give you the ingredients for the Russian cream:

*5 eggs (only the yolks)
* 100 grams of whipped cream.
*8 tablespoons of condensed milk.
*1 tablespoon of cornstarch.
*1 tablespoon of lemon zest.
*1/2 cup chopped walnuts.

I'm not going to tell you how to prepare the Russian cream. I have a cat to look after. Who gone feed it if something happen to me....