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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

British PM Rishi Sunak proves that his apparent cultural difference offers no political distinction or innovation!


By Professor Gilbert Morris:
Gilbert Morris

Sunak’s supporters will say both that it’s early - give him a chance and he did well, appointing a cabinet and at his first Prime Minister’s question time.

But listen to him:

He simply parrots the old strategies and offered nothing newer than his ethnicity; which is itself a labyrinth of nationalities, race and ethnicities!

In his first Question Time he copied the tried and tired formula of taking the question and turning it around to attack the other side…then laughing in self-satisfaction.
Heavyweight do take such lazy, meaningless delights! [sic]
I spent a good deal of my career, trying to show elected governments that they must be bold from the first day!
If you have 5 year election cycles…you must hit pay dirt immediately with something that gives the feel of a new country with new possibilities.
Merely performing routine tasks correctly - as every previous leader has - is not a game changer!
In a 5 year cycle, you have 18 months to get a policy done, if you announce it on the first day!
If you miss that first 18 months, events out of your control - natural disasters, wars, etc. ruins plans…and you’re left making excuses!
Already, his statement on Fiscal Strategy is delayed by 15 days! As Ca Newry would say “Sigh”!
Sunak has banned fracking. That’s good! But why is it not part of a broader strategy?
If he’d banned fracking, removed all transactional taxes for small businesses and instead of sucking up to Biden - who couldn’t remember his name on their first phone call - he should have announced a global coalition of the Commonwealth, Germany, China and the 30 US Congressional group proposing a Russia-Ukraine Peace Pact.
That’s how you come out of the box as a player on day one!
I mentioned these initiatives specifically because they are within his immediate grasp. When you have a change of leader during the life of a parliament, your mandate is already active. And in the case of peace agreement…you don’t just celebrate your India ties, you leverage it because Prime Minister Modi of India would LOVE nothing more than partnering with an Indian led Britain to solve a problem created by Europe!
Moreover India is essential to the conflict in Ukraine as both Russia and the US are trying to keep India on-side; whilst China would welcome every opportunity to work with India to solve their problems. India China and Russia would also have given him Brazil and Indonesia. He’d have gotten African through the Commonwealth. Therefore, such a peace initiative would involve nearly 5 billion people on earth and immediately he would be a global player beyond Britain’s resource capacity!
The point is Britain is reeling from high energy prices: ending the conflict is the surest way to bring down energy prices in the medium to long term!

But alas…he opted for the empty - eager-to-please lackey approach; proving that his apparent cultural difference offers no political distinction or innovation!